Ekonovac provides three easy options to install a replacement central vacuum or new system.

  • Replace an existing central vacuum system.
    If your home already has a central vacuum system with in-wall piping and wall outlets, you can simply replace your old central vacuum with a new Ekonovac system. Our system is designed to replace older systems easily.

    Please contact us with any questions you have about replacing your old central vacuum with and Ekonovac central vacuum system.

  • New installation using the hose only.
    The Ekonovac central vacuum power unit is specifically designed to work exceptionally well without the bother of installing in-wall piping. If you donít already have in-wall vacuum piping, and you are in a small apartment or condo then you simply install the Ekonovac in an easily accessible storage room or closet and the hose will attach directly to the side of the canister.

  • New installation using in-wall PVC piping.
    If you have a larger home or multiple levels, you may not have the option of installing in-wall piping and wall outlets for use with your Ekonovac system. If you would like to have this work done for you please contact us and we can help you locate and connect with a qualified installer in your area.

    If you are working on a do-it-yourself piping installation please contact us and we can provide information on available installation packages as well as instructions and advice.