At Ekonovac we had a goal. Our goal was to create a simple, reliable, high performance central vacuum at a lower cost than others on market. In reaching this goal we also challenged ourselves to make a unit that was environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and would create jobs here in North America.

With this is mind we sourced out a vacuum systems designer and manufacture that is a pioneer in the central vacuum industry and presented our vision. Our designer has developed and manufactured some of the industry leading and bestselling vacuums over the past 30 years.

We worked with these experts in designing a vacuum that was better suited for modern lifestyles and modern values. Our partnership resulted in a vacuum design that is fresh, simple, easy to maintain and a pleasure to use. We found a local manufacturer and sourced out all our parts and supplies locally. We are absolutely delighted with the result.

The Ekonovac saves money, time, effort and the environment

Our design and manufacturing process uses a minimalist philosophy. Get the most power and performance with the fewest possible components. No bells and whistles just a vacuum that is hard working and will last for a lifetime!

This is why an Ekonovac Central Vacuum will:

  • Save you money for other things you’d rather buy.
  • Save you time and effort on chores so you can get out and have fun.
  • Make replacing you old unit quick, simple and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Provide enough power to clean more than 6,000 square feet of floor space.

The Ekonovac is manufactured in North America and all raw materials are sourced in North America. The power unit carries a Life Time Warranty, and all other components are covered by a two year warranty (excluding belts).